Aug 312010

My little shammy hit 40 yesterday. At which  point the Project began. You see, I decided I do want her to get to 80 before Cataclysm releases. But I’m not a fan of questing in Azeroth and Outland. So, I’ll dual spec, and PuG alot of the way through! Maybe even PvP! I can PvP as a healer. Just not as DPS. Yes, you read that correctly. I, Jess, hater of PuGs and PvP, have chosen to make use of them both in large quantities to level. So, after some speccing (thank you Stop) and trading in of honor points, I hopped in the Queue. About twenty minutes later, I’m healing my first dungeon, Uldaman. A place I have never been.

WoW 2010-08-30 19-08-22-71First, we all port in, only to see the tank…back his way out of the portal. You weren’t subtle by the way. You’re a BIG BLUE DRAENEI we saw you!! So we wait. We get another tank. I should have known it was bad when he had more X’s in his name than a spambot. We got Super Pally (can you feel the sarcasm?). He ran off while I was drinking. I let him die the third time. Which was funny, because the mobs all aggro on me, the hunter, and the shadow priest. Funny why? Because with a swap to my dps totem set…and some fast chain healing, we got the troggs dead without us dying. I rez the tank, and get “What happened?” I inform him he shouldn’t run off without the healer. The hunter at least showed some appreciation.

So what’s he do next? Takes off AGAIN. And now he’s pulling about four stone golems and a sundry of iron dwarves. It’s at this point, I realize, I cannot heal stupid! I should have made a dash to the doorway in order to self rez safely. My bad. It was a wipe. The tank then leaves, and the group falls apart. I take a break, head to Tanaris to get quests gathered.

I put myself back in the Queue while I did so. And a group popped. Back to Uldaman, with an awesome tank. No, really. He hardly took damage, he held aggro like a pro, he let the healer drink, and explained boss fights and reminded us to run to him if we GOT aggro. Toxicsushi…you’re a pro, and saved my opinion of pugging for the moment.

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