Jun 142008

emc2karaSo What do you get when you take one protection pally, add 4 hunters and two mages, and mix in three healers? You get a Badgezan run! Not enough were on for Gruul last night, so they decided to go to Kara. I got a whisper from the tank asking if I wanted to take my hunter, so I said…well why not! She wasn’t doing anything else, and was fully stocked up on everything she needed, might as well. So off we went.

This was the most unique Kara run I have ever seen. ONE tank. ONE! A very good prot pally. No, I did NOT kill the tank, not once! I killed myself on the way to curator, but…well I’m good at that, no surprise there. As I was saying one tank, 3 healers, 4 hunters (and pets), and 2 mages. The place didn’t stand a chance. We one shotted everything from Attumen through Shade and Illhoof. Yes that included Moroes, and Opera was even trying to challenge us with the Crone event, but we were not to be thwarted!! Another interesting change was…”screw master loot…roll need if ya need it , greed for vendor”. I can’t even tell you how hard hitting those buttons were after 18 months of passing…lol! But Cai walked out of there with the Emerald Ripper from Moroes, and the Neck from shade, and I think 9 badges. I forgot to grab the ones off Moroes.

I have to say the guild I moved to is great. Very relaxed, great senses of humor, patient with mistakes (and Elune knows I make them). They’ve given me a great home, and I’m very happy to be there. Tonight…Jess shall be melting some troll faces…ZA…you’re next!

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    Glad you’re having so much fun! :)


    Wow, that’s really really great, hope you continue having fun!


    Sounds like a right laugh there. Glad you’re enjoying your new guild.

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