Feb 282008

Triplet Drops ©LadyJess I think I have figured out my lack of motivation to play, besides the fact that I no longer smoke at my computer. The patch is coming. See when I have a new toy coming, I start not wanting to play with the old one. It happened when I recently got my new computer, I just couldn’t get excited about using my old one. My house got very clean that week.

There are so many cool things coming in patch 2.4. Half the blog world has already listed them so I won’t, go into all of them. My point is, it’s a big enough patch to make what was starting to feel like my daily grind, into something fresh and new. Great timing, hopefully it is released very soon.  The new patch means my husband can , after gearing up a little more join me in an attunement free Kara. This also means, maybe just maybe my hunter can sneak in a run or two. Even better, it means my druid, who I am leveling to tank, won’t have to mess around with attunement.

I know, the initial thought is "oh great noobs in crap gear will expect to go" but, first of all they already do, second, raid leaders already know better than to allow it.

The Sunwell dailies, new area, fishing quests, new 5 man/heroic, new 25 man to hear about. I love the big patches, and the dewy freshness they bring to  game that as much as I love it, can get a bit stale. Oh… click on that picture of the dew up there. I took that in my yard this morning, it needs to be enlarged to get the full effectBig Grin

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    Wow, that picture is awesome. You must have a very nice camera.

    I’ve been feeling kind of “meh” towards WoW lately, too, but I think my issue is, I’ve finally branched away from solo playing, and now my RL friends are rarely on.

    Time to make some more friends, eh?

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