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Synthessia is confused. She knows she wants to heal at 70. But she also remembers the woes of her mentor, Lady Jess as a healer unable to solo very well. She has been searching all day for info on how to spec for both. Granted she’s only at 63 right now, 70 comes fast, and one should be prepared.

First she trudged through the WoW forums, having heard of the Restokin aka Dreamstate build , and craving more information. Sadly the most she could find was alot of snarking back and forth between Tree of Life resto druids and Dreamstate druids over who’s was bigger better. Who wouldn’t LOVE to keep their moonkin form, AND be a good healer. Especially knowing how much rep there is to grind, and dailies to do, and of course that heroic sethekk halls run for the gorgeous swift flight form. Her life calls for both abilities.

syn63cheers Then she remembered a sign she saw all over Blogeroth a while back protesting the nerfing of trees!  Phae!! Phae would know! Wouldn’t you know, there it was a  handy guide right there on her site, saying she loved her variation of the dreamstate build! She had hope! What a relief to know what you want to do when you grow up. And if it doesn’t work, well it can be changed, adjusted, perfected. We know a druid with only 18 points in resto that can main heal heroics, so the spec we want to try should be just as effective should it not? Well Syn thinks so, and she’s going to give it a try.

**yes, we have been playing with model viewer…hehe!

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    My druid had a similar dilemma at around level 60. She was feral with the intention of off-spec healing and going resto at 70. My biggest problem was threat when healing so I followed a suggestion to try Balance/Resto…I enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to stay as a Balance druid :) The healing’s pretty good but I soon realised that I prefer healing as a priest.


    Hope it works out for ya! I tried out that build for a while – no where near as much dmg as full balance of course but still handled mobs pretty well 😉


    Aww .. /blush I’m glad it was helpful. You’ll have to let me know how you like it!

    And that sure is a beautiful tunic. May I ask what it’s called? =)


      I will certainly do that! It was such a relief to find someone I knew that has tried it themselves!

      The tunic is Omenai Vest, a quest reward from the temple in Hellfire.


    I have had the same dilemma – levelled feral; switched to resto at 70 to help guild as healer; frustrated not being able to “hit” anything after doing so; sick of paying respec costs for kara runs. So I found a 16/0/45 build on one of the druid blogs – (apologies to author as I trawl many sites for knowledge). I also bought myself a Wymhide set for off-spec. So far it is working quite well. Can meet Kara needs and solo again. Just need to drink and heal more (like a mage :-) ). I am on Nagrand if you are interested in Armorying me.

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