Mar 082008

1 year and 4 months after her creation….Jessmyna, my first toon, a now feral druid, is in outlands. Now all she has to do is grow into her tanking gear. Thanks go to Big Bear Butt Blogger and his awesome list of druid starter tank gear she has alot of it in the bank. It’s rather intimidating going from the role of healing to being the healed. I’m kind of nervous about my first run as a tank. But I have a few levels to go before that becomes a problem. And I’ll hopefully get guild runs to make the process easier. I can’t imagine learning to tank in a pug.


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    My lock is lvl 56 going on 57 now… so hopefully I should be able to do a few instances with you in Outlands while we’re both levelling up. :D


    Gratz, I really want to get back onto Hymir(he is lvl 49), you want to level him up to 60 with me???….lol

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